How to Make A Simple and Useful Ladder

A ladder is really important for you because a ladder can help you reach high places in your house. If you find something wrong with your roofs or a problem with your electrical installation on the ceiling, you need a ladder, do not you? What will happen if you do not have a ladder in your home? You can make a simple ladder by yourself.

Home Interior, How to Make A Simple and Useful Ladder: Photo Simple LadderHome Interior, How to Make A Simple and Useful Ladder: Simple Ladder Layout Picture
To make a ladder is simple, you can try it at home. You just need two or three bamboos. If you are difficult to get bamboos in your area, you can use three woods with strong condition.

I will tell you how to make ladder with bamboos. You should prepare two or three bamboos that you have cleaned them well. Then, you need to make sure about its sizes. If you want to make a ladder with two meters of height, you can cut those both bamboos more than two meters. You should make several holes on its surface with the same height for both of those bamboos. Each hole is about ten centimeters square. Make sure that both of bamboos have the same height for each hole. Each of two meters of height may need five holes.

For the sidesteps, you have to cut a bamboo in about less than a half meter. If your ladder has five sidesteps, you must make five sidesteps with a half meter for each size. Then, you should shrink both ends of bamboos with ten centimeters square. So, make sure both sides of each sidestep can enter to the holes. To make the ladder stronger, you can use nails to strengthen both ends of the ladder rungs.

A ladder from bamboo is often made with a foot, so you have to ask somebody to hold the ladder if you want to use it.

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