Knowing the Advantages and Disadvantages In using Portable Air Conditioner

Most of you do not know that the portable air conditioner is one of the supporting home appliances that used for personal purposes. Usually, you see it at events that use a closed tent. In the advancement era, the people create something to meet your needs in a modern way.

Home Interior, Knowing the Advantages and Disadvantages In using Portable Air Conditioner: Nice Design For Portable Air ConditionerHome Interior, Knowing the Advantages and Disadvantages In using Portable Air Conditioner: Portable Air Conditioner Nice Design
Portable air conditioner has great advantage. You do not need to break down the wall to install it in your home. This is because there are some houses that have walls that do not allow for breaks. So, you still have smooth wall though your portable air conditioner often move from one space to another space. You also do not need space for compressor because it has existed in the portable air conditioner itself.

But beside the advantage that you get, you should also pay attention about disadvantages you will get to use a portable air conditioner. In general, it has a high voltage, so you should be aware of the noise. This is because the compressor is existed in the portable air conditioner, so that the sound of compressor can be heard.

Although portable air conditioner is easy to switch positions, it still needs more room to exhaust heat and water steam. This is because the design of the portable air conditioner itself has two hoses used for exhaust and water steam through the window. So, you should be able to put it near a window. You can also put it to the window facing out of the room. It is intended to allow you remove the steam and water.

The other disadvantage that portable air conditioner is very expensive. It even has a price almost three times as much as the regular air conditioner. While for the capacity, it has the capacity of at least 1 HP.

Portable air conditioner offers you an exceptional need for your home. However, you still must consider the advantages and disadvantages of portable air conditioner, so you can choose the best for your home.

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